7 Steps to Protection
Step 1
If you haven't done so already, register for Blue2Factor here.
Step 2
Retrieve the email we sent you when you registered, and proceed to the registration link.
Step 3
Click the Upload SAML Data button and paste your Identity Provider's SAML metadata in the text box.
Step 4
Click the Set Internal URL button and enter your company's internal landing page.
Step 5
Configure the landing page in step 4 to accept two POST variables: "jwt" and "jsSetup". Save the JWT using whatever method you like, and set the jsSetup value to be a cookie named "jsSetup". (The jsSetup part is optional, but recommended. It increases security.)
Step 6
Put a call to validate the JWT before loading pages (see validating the JWT). If the token is expired, send a new request to
replacing the {COMPANY_ID} with Use the token in the Authorization header using the Bearer schema. The response will contain the outcome, and a new token if successful. (See retrieving a new token.)

We also recommend adding https://secure.blue2factor.com/js/b2f_client_min.js to all of your pages for added security.
Step 7
Signup your first devices using your phone and your computer.
Directions can be found here.
Whether you're using the paid or free version, we are here to help. Please contact us if you would like assistance or run into problems. You can email us at help@blue2factor.com or use the phone number on the contact us page.
Please fill out the Google form using the link below to use Blue2Factor at your company for four months for up to 200 people.