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7 Steps to Protection

Step 1
If you haven't done so already, register for Blue2Factor here.
Step 2
Retrieve the email we sent you when you registered, and proceed to the registration link.
Step 3
Click the Upload SAML Data button and paste your Identity Provider's SAML metadata in the text box.
Step 4
Click the Set Internal URL button and enter your company's internal landing page.
Step 5
Create a public/private RSA key pair in PEM format. Using OpenSSL, the keys can be generated by first running:
openssl genrsa -out key.pem 2048
to generate the private key, and then running
openssl rsa -in key.pem -outform PEM -pubout -out public.pem
to get the public key.

Once you have created the keys, upload the text of the public key by clicking the Upload Web Server Public Key button. Paste the text of your public key into the box.

The private key will be used by your web backend.
Step 6
Upload the values below to your identity provider. Your company Id can be found at
Entity ID ={COMPANY_ID}/EntityId
Reply URL ={COMPANY_ID}/fromIdp
Signin URL ={COMPANY_ID}/SignIn
Logout URL =
Step 7
Download the code package for your backend language and set up the hooks. The hooks are the incoming request, the CompanyID and Internal URL from your Blue2Factor Company Page, and the private key you created in Step 5. Check out the README files in the packages to learn more.
Java via Maven:
Node.js via npm
npm install blue2factor
php via composer
composer require blue2factor/authentication
Python via pip
python3 -m pip install Blue2FactorPy==0.1.3
If any of this sounds imposing, please email ( or call us (607-238-3533) and we can either walk you through it, or perform the installation for you.

Similarly, if you need a different backend language, let us know.
Step 8
Signup your first devices using your phone and your computer.
Directions can be found here.
Please fill out the Google form using the link below to use Blue2Factor at your company for four months for up to 200 people.