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What does Blue2Factor do?
Blue2Factor provides passwordless, single sign on (SSO) access for your domain. Log in seamlessly using two factor authentication without any user interaction.

The first factor verification takes place through the browser and server exchanging unique encrypted tokens. The user signs in once per browser per device and then freely authenticates automatically without any continuing action on the user's part.

Second factor authentication occurs either by having another registered device in close proximity, providing biometrics, or responding to a push notification. If another device is found nearby, then the user is again automatically verified without any user action.
How much does Blue2Factor cost?
Blue2Factor is free for up to 10 people. After that the cost is $6.25/person per month.
How do I install Blue2Factor on my devices?
See registering devices.
How do I setup Blue2Factor for my company?
Blue2Factor can be integrated using SAML, an open standard for authentication and authorization. We use your existing identity provider (Google Workplace, Active Directory, etc) to implement passwordless SSO and 2FA.
What types of devices is Blue2Factor compatible with?
Currently, you must use a Mac, along with an iPhone or Android phone to use Blue2Factor. We use a hub and spoke design, where the hub needs to be a phone.

We will be adding support for Windows shortly. Devices equipped with Bluetooth (R) 4.1 or greater are supported (although we've found that 4.0 nearly always works as well).
Please fill out the Google form using the link below to use Blue2Factor at your company for four months for up to 200 people.
Blue2Factor Beta Survey